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Office of Finance and Administration

Jeff Davis
Vice President of Finance & Administration

Welcome to the office of Finance and Administration!

As Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer, I oversee a number of processes encompassing financial planning, analysis, operations and compliance. Departments that are under his direct management include the Business Office, Campus Safety, Budget Office, Physical Plant and Procurement. Each area plays a critical role within the division and strives to uphold the mission of Georgia Highlands College.


Jeff Davis

VP of Finance & Administration


Support Staff

Jenica P. McFry, Secretary to the VP of Finance and Administration - jemcfry@highlands.edu



John Upton, Director, Campus Safety - jupton@highlands.edu

Phillip Kimsey, Director, Physical Plant - pkimsey@highlands.edu

Cynthia Parker, Director, Procurement - cparker@highlands.edu

Megan M. Davidson, Director, Auxiliary Services - mdavidso@highlands.edu

Page last updated: January 12, 2015