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Purchase Request

Policy on Purchasing Library Materials

The Georgia Highlands College Library's policy is to purchase books, serials and other media which support the curriculum taught at the College. We solicit requests for material from any user of the Library with the following stipulations:

  • The request must come from a member of the faculty, staff, or student body and be relevant to the curriculum.
  • A community user may request items for consideration for purchase with the knowledge that the Library will judge the request in light of the curricular needs of the College.
  • All requests will be considered, but budgetary restraints may mean that all requests cannot be purchased. If many requests are received in the same academic area of study, the Library may not be able to buy all requested items, because the needs of one discipline must be weighed against the needs of the College as a whole. The Library also tries to purchase items to balance the collection especially where controversial topics are concerned.

We will try to respond to all requests, but please be aware that the Library may not be able to respond individually to requests made by our users. Some requests may be selected for purchase and not received by the Library because of problems with publishers. This sometimes means that a considerable amount of time will pass before we know a reason and the requestor is no longer available to respond back to. Another problem is that personnel and time constraints may mean that we cannot get back to you and let you know that your request is or is not going to be purchased.

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