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Three eLearning Options

At Georgia Highlands College, we have three eLearning options to offer you.

      Online Courses                   Hybrid Courses                College by DVD      

Online Hybrid and DVD images

All eLearning students are expected to have their own computer and Internet access which is independent of GHC campus sites.

Our eLearning Mission: It is simple, your success as a student.

Find at more about the eLearning Mission

Introduction to GHC eLearning: eLearning is different than face-to-face classes.

Discover what to expect

Do you have to be a computer wizard? No, but there are some basic requirements.

Find out more about the basic computer skills and technical requirements.

Are there common expectation of students in eLearning course?  Yes, there are.

Learn more about student responsibilities.

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Page last updated: May 16, 2014