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GHC-Wireless has been replaced with GHC-Chargers
Marconi has been replaced with GHC-Marconi

GHC Wi-Fi networks use your existing network/email username and password, and utilize WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1x/PEAP, providing enterprise-class security.

  • Students should connect to GHC-Chargers using your existing student network/email username and password.
  • Faculty and Staff should connect to GHC-Marconi using your existing faculty/staff network/email username and password.

There is no longer any need to visit GHC Connect to create and synchronize a separate account!

If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, the installers below will automatically configure your computer to connect to the network.
If you are using OS X, simply choose the correct network from the Wi-Fi menubar icon. Add the certificate to your Keychain when prompted, and then enter your username/password. If you have trouble, use the OS X link located in the "Manual Configuration" section below.
Marietta Users:
Wireless setup on the Marietta campus is unique and requires special settings. For this reason we have created special setup instructions for this network on Windows Vista/7/8. Mobile devices and Macs will connect in a way similar to the manual instructions below.
Marietta Campus Setup Instructions
Setup Instructions

Automatic Configuration - Installers:

Windows Vista/7/8 - Student

Windows Vista/7/8 - Faculty/Staff

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Student

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Faculty/Staff

Manual Configuration:

Please choose your operating system:

Windows 8 (New!) OS X
Windows 7 iOS
Windows Vista Ubuntu 
Windows XP Android


Page last updated: September 12, 2014