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Corporate Training: Specialized Courses Offered at Your Location or Ours


Comments from participants in the Leadership Series

“Very relevant material that I can use immediately on my job.”

“GREAT class.  The material we covered will be useful.”

2014 Classes


Top 10 Reasons Employees Quit

Mark Toth, TLNT 21 June 2012

Eighty-eight percent of over 20,000 job leavers left their employers for reasons other than money. 

The top 10 reasons …

                  #1              Limited career opportunities (16%)

                  #2              Lack of respect/support from supervisor (13%)

                  #3              Money (12%)

                  #4              Lack of interesting/challenging job duties (11%)

                  #5              Lack of leadership from supervisor (9%)

                  #6              Bad work hours (6%)

                  #7              Unavoidable reasons (5%)

                  #8              Bad employee relations by supervisor (4%)

                  #9              Favoritism by supervisor (4%)

                  #10            Lack of recognition for contributions (4%)


The message is clear — employees leave bad bosses.  Let Georgia Highlands College’s Continuing Education staff partner with you to develop effective leaders for the 21st century and help you  build and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage!

To register for these and other upcoming classes, visit http://www.highlands.edu/site/ce-courses-offered, e-mail gwhite@highlands.edu, or call 678-872-8240

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