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Registration and Important dates for 2014 - 2015

Summer 2014 Registration: March 10, 2014 to June 8, 2014

  • Application deadline May 15, 2014
  • Classes start June 9, 2014
  • Drop/Add June 9 and 10, 2014

Fall 2014 Registration: April 14, 2014 to August 16, 2014

  • Application deadline August 1, 2014
  • Classes start August 16, 2014
  • Drop/Add August 16 to 20, 2014

Early Bird Advising:  September 29th to October 17th.  Schedule an appointment with a faculty member today!

Spring 2015 Registration: Novermber 3, 2014 to January 10, 2015

  • Application deadline December 15, 2014
  • Classes start January 10, 2015
  • Drop/Add January 10 to 14, 2015

Summer 2015 Registration: March 9, 2015 to June 8, 2015

  • Application deadline May 15, 2015
  • Classes start June 8, 2015
  • Drop/Add June 8 and 9, 2015

How to register if you are not a current GHC student.

If you are not a current GHC student then, you will need to apply to the College.

Here is the link to admissions information http://www.highlands.edu/site/admissions

Also, here is the link to financial aid http://www.highlands.edu/site/financial-aid

How to register if you are a current GHC student.

If you are currently a GHC student, you can register for eLearning as you would for any class.

To view the list of courses,

1.            Go to the GHC homepage

2.            Under Student Interest, select  SCORE( Registration, Schedule, Course Offerings)

3.            Under Public Access, select  Course Offerings

4.            In the "By Campus" window, scroll down to WEB Based,or DVD, or Hybrid.

5.            Select Perform Search at the bottom on screen.

Write down the CRN, course prefix , and course number of the classes for which you want to register. For example, 50021, MATH,  1113

Then, go back to the SCORE( Registration, Schedule, Course Offerings page.

A. Under Private Access, select SCORE-(Registration/Financial Aid/Grades)

B. Login with your ID and password.

C. Look for the registration link and enter the CRN and other information asked for.


Please note that at GHC Web-bases (online) classes are defined to have at least 95% of the course content and contact with students is online.  While several courses are entirely online, most courses require that students attend a mandatory orientation and at least one proctored exam or assignment.  In addition, some courses have a lab component that will require a few on-campus meetings.  Proctored exams will require students to travel to a GHC approved testing site on specific days. If you are not within a reasonable driving distance of one of our five testing locations, then arrangements can be made for off-site testing.


Page last updated: September 24, 2014