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Adult Learner Focus

Adding school to the list of activities in your busy life requires balancing family, work, and other life commitments.  While this may seem overwhelming at first, with desire, persistence, and help from GHC’s professors, advisors, and professional staff, you can get on the right track.

Here at GHC, eLearning consists of web-based, eCore, and hybrid courses. While there are unique requirements within each type of course, they provide a set of flexible alternatives to the traditional college classroom that affords the adult learner the opportunity to find the best fit in course selection.

Assessment Tools and Resources

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Did you know that you could possibly use work and/or life experience to earn college credits through portfolio assessment?  Or that you could take an exam in a particular subject to receive credit--and not have to take the course while also saving money at the same time? For more information about portfolio assessment, please contact us.  Additional ways to take advantage of PLA:

eLearning:  What to Expect from Your Online Class

We want you to be prepared for online coursework so we've designed this short tutorial that is required of all (online) students.  This assessment takes just minutes to complete yet provides you with a foundation for what to expect in your online class.  Once you have completed the quiz, you'll be ready to register for online classes!

SmarterMeasure Assessment

This assessment, offered by Georgia ONmyLINE, is a tool which helps you determine your level of readiness for taking online or technology rich courses.  SmarterMeasure provides instant, detailed information with easy to interpret graphs and text that provide pointers on how to manage your time and be successful overall in your online classes.  And best of all, you choose which sections you want to complete based on your time.  You can even save your progress and come back to it later.  

NOW - Nights Online Weekends Program

This program is the perfect pathway for the working GHC learner to reach their career goal.  Please contact the NOW Coordinator for more information!

GHC Adult Learning Site

GHC has put together some additional resources for adult learners at our GHC Adult and Veteran Affairs  site

Military and Veterans Services

If you are looking for military or veterans services, you can find more information at the GHC Military & Veterans Services site.

University System of Georgia Resources

While we here at GHC would like to have you complete a degree with us, the most important thing is for you to fulfill your goals.  If you want information on other University System of Georgia schools that have adult learner resources, try the  Georgiaonmyline adult learner site.



Page last updated: May 12, 2016