The Floyd Campus and Heritage Hall will be closing today at 1PM (FEB 9). All classes after 12:15PM are cancelled on these campuses. All other campus locations will remain open normal operating hours. Check back here for updates. Please refer to the campus closings page for details.
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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services at Georgia Highlands College is an exciting, challenging place to work.

At Georgia Highlands College, the ITS Division uses advanced technology and state of the art equipment to deliver high speed connectivity to all our campuses as well as provide computer and technical support to faculty and administration.

At Georgia Highlands College, you’ll find computer equipped classrooms and competent, caring technical staff. Cluster labs are provided for out of classroom access, and if you have your own laptop, we’ll be glad to register it for use at our facilities.

Here, you’ll find information on our available services, and if you need help or assistance, check our staff/support link above.

We’re there for you!

Page last updated: March 13, 2013