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COMPASS Test Preparation

Georgia Highlands College's COMPASS test prep is offered to potential and current students who need to improve their Math, English, or Reading COMPASS test scores.  Due to changes in Learning Support regulations, incoming potential students will not be allowed admission to Georgia Highlands College if they place into all three Learning Support courses: English, Math, and Reading.  Students who place below a set of minimum scores in any area will also not be allowed admission.  See the COMPASS Placement Test page for more information on scores and their implications, and on options for placement retesting at GHC.

Free COMPASS Test Prep

These resources are practice materials used by students to prepare for the COMPASS test.  They are best for students who just need to refresh their skills or practice.  Those who do not do well with the free practice materials listed here should consider one of the other options in the next section for more instruction. 

COMPASS Self-Study Materials that can be Licensed or Paid by Hour

The following self-study programs may be licensed for a fee.  They are available online and provide diagnostic information as well as instruction. No teacher is available to help with the self-studies (ALEKS and MyFoundationsLab) but videos and other instructional materials are included in the programs.

Brainfuse Live Tutoring, which is online work with a tutor, is available for a per-hour fee to those who are not yet GHC students.

  • GHC Continuing Education Academic Preparation Courses
  • ALEKS web-based COMPASS test prep--diagnostics and instruction in Math only
  • Pearson's MyFoundationsLab--diagnostics and instruction in all three areas (English, Reading, and Math)
    • Students purchasing MyFoundationsLab will need a Course ID in order to use it.  The course set up by GHC is "COMPASS Prep" and the code is XL19-X110-101Z-59S2.  Please click here for instructions.
    • Copy the code above and paste it into MyFoundationsLab when prompted for it so that zeros are correctly entered rather than capital Os.
  • Brainfuse Live Tutoring is available for a fee.  In order to access the paid live tutoring, go to Brainfuse.

Georgia Highlands College Mini-COMPASS Workshops

  • These workshops are geared towards potential students who score below a 20 on the math portion of the COMPASS placement test.
  • Click here for the scheduled workshops for fall 2014.


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