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Current Opportunities, 2015-2016 Academic Year


Georgia Highlands College will have several trips for students during the 2015-2016 Academic Year. The college will have three trips to the University of Georgia's Monteverde, Costa Rica campus. These trips will include a spring break (March 27-April 3, 2016) trip, a Health Sciences trip (June 19-June 29, 2016) and a month-long (June 2015) consortium trip. In addition to the trips to Costa Rica, the college will also send a group of honor's students to Kennesaw State University's campus in Montepulciano, Italy during the summer of 2016. 

For more information on these trips, see the individual trip page off the GHC study abroad webpage. Also, you can find some basic information about the experiences GHC students had on the 2015 spring break trip to Costa Rica as well as about UGA Costa Rica campus at the following links:

GHC spring break student experience video:

UGA Costa Rica webpage:

Documentary on UGA Costa Rica campus "Changing Lives":


Students who are interested in the college's trips to Costa Rica are also highly encouraged to attend a study abroad information session on their campus as well as to contact faculty trip leaders. The contact information for faculty trip leaders is as follows:


Bronson Long (History, Director of Global Initiatives and Study Abroad)

Floyd campus, Office: Rome F-142a

Office phone: 706-368-7618


Costa Rica Spring Break Trip:


Sean Callahan (Psychology, Director of Diversity)

Cartersville and Marietta campuses, Office: Marietta Norton Hall 221

Office phone: 678-872-8542


Kathryn Garcia (Spanish)

Cartersville campus, Office: Room 227

Office phone: 678-872-8075


Mark Greger (Spanish)

Floyd campus, Office: Room F-161

Office phone: 706-368-7620


Abraham Ortiz (Student Life)

Marietta campus, Office: Norton Building, 2nd Floor, Room 210

Office phone: 678-872-8510


Health Sciences Costa Rica Trip:


Cynthia Carter (Nursing)

Heritage Hall, Office: Room 251C

Office phone: 706-232-3078


Michelle Boyce (Dental Hygiene)

Heritage Hall, Office: Room 208

Office phone: 706-204-2251


Alex MacMurdo (Communications, Assistant Study Abroad Director)

Cartersville and Paulding campus, Office: Paulding Room 406

Office phone: 678-946-1015


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