Georgia Highlands College
Office of the CIO   (706) 295-6775
VP of Information Technology Services / Chief Information Officer Floyd Campus Jeff Patty
Administrative Coordinator Floyd Campus Leah Holder
Administrative Assistant Floyd Campus Linda Corbin
Information Security & Network Services (ISNS)   (706) 295-6775
Chief Information Security Officer /
Director of Information Security & Network Services
Floyd Campus Richard Davis
Senior Network Support Specialist Floyd Campus Chris Pelfrey
Network Support Specialist II Floyd Campus Robert Heimberg
Information Security Specialist I Floyd Campus Mike Peterson
Systems Support Specialist I Cartersville Campus Robert Kelley
Web Support Services   (678) 872-8086
Associate Chief Information Officer /
Chief Technology Officer / Director of Web Support Services /
Director of Information Technology Services
Floyd Campus Rob Laltrello
Webmaster Cartersville Campus Terrence Porretto
Web Developer Floyd Campus Marc Hannah
Client Technology Services (CTS)   (706) 295-6775
Assistant Chief Information Officer /
Director of Client Technology & Media Services
Floyd Campus Jason McFry
Client Support Specialist III Floyd Campus Seth Ingram
Client Support Specialist III Floyd Campus Leonard Hall
Client Support Specialist III Cartersville Campus Ian Fleming
Client Support Specialist II Cartersville Campus Noah Paris
Client Support Specialist III Paulding Campus Eric Proffitt
Client Support Specialist III Douglasville Campus Roderick Stidum
Client Support Specialist III Marietta Campus Douglas Malcolm
Enterprise Application Services (EAS)   (706) 295-6775
Director of Enterprise Application Services Floyd Campus Jeanette Eckles
Systems Analyst Floyd Campus Tammy Green
Systems Analyst Floyd Campus Fred Coble
Application Support Specialist Floyd Campus Ricky Terry
Audio Visual Services (AVS)   (706) 295-6319
Director of Audio Visual Services Floyd Campus Tony Gambill
Audio Visual Technician I Cartersville Campus Leon Bull
Audio Visual Technician II Floyd Campus David Dellis
Audio Visual Technician PT Floyd Campus Randall McFry


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