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Georgia Highland College offers the following courses in the WEB Based, Hybrid, or DVD formats. Please note that the instructors and information link content are subject to change. Course offerings during the summer sessions may be limited. In addition, some courses may be offered once an academic year. To see the course descriptions, please select the eLearning Course Descriptions link in the left navigation bar.

Accounting 2101: Principles of Accounting I ACCT 2101 [WEB Based]

Accounting 2102: Principles of Accounting II ACCT 2102 [WEB Based ]

Allied Health Sciences 1101: Medical Terminology AHSC 1101 [WEB Based]

Art 1113: Art Appreciation ARTS 1113 [WEB Based]

Biology 1010K: Introductory Biology BIOL 1010K [Hybrid-Branson] [Hybrid-Clark]

Biology 2154K: General Zoology BIOL 2154K [Hybrid]

Biology 2190: Principles of Nutrition BIOL 2190 [WEB Based]

Business Administration 2105: Communicating in the Business Environment BUSA 2105 [Hybrid]

Business Administration 2106: The Environment of Business BUSA 2106 [WEB Based].

Business Administration 2205: Fundamentals of Computer Applications BUSA 2205 [WEB Based]

Communications 1100: Human Communications COMM 1100 [WEB Based] & [Hybrid]

Criminal Justice 1100: Introduction to Criminal Justice CRJU 1100 [WEB Based]

Criminal Justice 2411: Criminology CRJU 2411 [WEB Based]

Criminal Justice 2701: Courts and Basic Criminal Procedures CRJU 2701 [WEB Based] [Hybrid]

Economics 2105: Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2105 [WEB Based]

Economics 2106: Microeconomics ECON 2106 [WEB Based]

Education 2110: Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education EDUC 2110 [WEB Based]

Education 2120: Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity in Educational Contexts EDUC 2120[WEB Based] [Hybrid]

Education 2130: Exploring Learning and Teaching EDUC 2130 [WEB Based] [Hybrid]

English 1101: English Composition I ENGL 1101 [WEB Based-Abbot] [WEb Based- Applegate] [WEB Based-Lindberg]

English 1102: Composition II ENGL 1102 [WEB Based-Abbot] [Hybrid] [WEB based -Wheeler]

English 2112: World Literature II ENGL 2112 [WEB Based] [DVD]

English 2122: British Literature II ENGL 2122 [Hybrid]

English 2132: American Literature II ENGL 2132 [WEB Based ]

Freshmen College Computer Studies 1100 FCCS 1100 [WEB Based] [Hybrid]

Freshmen College Studies 1010: The College Experience FCST 1010 [WEB Based

Geology 1121K: Physical Geology GEOL 1121K [WEB Based] [Hybrid]

Geology 1122K: Historical Geology GEOL 1122K [WEB Based] [Hybrid]

History 1112: World Civilization since 1500 HIST 1112 [WEB Based] .

History 1121: Western Civilization I HIST 1121 [WEB Based Course]

History 1122: Western Civilization II HIST 1122 [WEB Based Course]

History 2111: American History I HIST 2111 [WEB Based] [DVD]

History 2112: American History II HIST 2112 [WEB Based] [DVD]

Mathematics 1001: Quantitative Skills and Reasoning MATH 1001 [Hybrid]

Mathematics 1111: College Algebra MATH 1111 [WEB Based][Hybrid]

Mathematics 1113: Precalculus MATH 1113 [WEB Based][Hybrid]

Mathematics 2200: Elementary Statistics MATH 2200 [WEB Based]

Music 1100: Music Appreciation MUSC 1100 [DVD]

Nursing 1152: Clinical Calculation NURS 1152 [WEB Based][DVD]

Physical Education 1010: Concepts of Fitness and Health PHED 1010 [WEB Based]

Physical Education 1020: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid PHED 1020 [WEB Based Course] & [Hybrid]

Philosophy 2010: Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 2010 [WEB Based Course]

Political Science 1101: American Government POLS 1101 [WEB Based Course]

Psychology 1101: Introduction to General Psychology PSYC 1101 [WEB Based Course]

Psychology 2103: Introduction to Human Development PSYC 2103 [WEB Based Course]

Psychology 2165: Abnormal Psychology PSYC 2165 [WEB Based Course]

Religion 1116: Introduction to Religion RELI 1116 [WEB Based Course]

Sociology 1101: Introductory Sociology SOCI 1101 [WEB Based Course]

Sociology 1160: Introduction to Social Problems SOCI 1160 [WEB Based Course]

Spanish 1001: Elementary Spanish I SPAN 1001 [WEB Based] & [DVD]

Spanish 1002: Elementary Spanish II SPAN 1002 [WEB Based]

Spanish 2001: Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 2001[WEB Based]

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