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Humanities Faculty Directory

Name / WebsiteCampusDisciplineOfficePhoneEmail
Cynthia Davidson Cartersville  English  311  706-368-7639  cdavidso@highlands.edu 
Allen Dutch Floyd  Communication  F-164  706-368-7639  adutch@highlands.edu 
Steve Stuglin Douglasville  Communication  137 Hub  678-872-4220  sstuglin@highlands.edu 
Dana Pergrem Cartersville  Communication  220A  678-872-8048  dpergrem@highlands.edu 
Rachel Wall Cartersville  English  213  678-872-8051  rwall@highlands.edu 
Travice Obas Cartersville  Communication  225  678-872-8060  tobas@highlands.edu 
Robert Adams Cartersville  Music  229  678-872-8062  radams@highlands.edu 
Leslie Johnson Cartersville  Communication  RM 235  678-872-8072  ljohnson@highlands.edu 
Kathryn Garcia Cartersville  Foreign Language  227  678-872-8075  kgarcia@highlands.edu 
Jeffrey Kozee Cartersville  English  215  678-872-8079  jkozee@highlands.edu 
Jesse Bishop Cartersville  English  327  678-872-8093  jebishop@highlands.edu 
Leslie Johnston Cartersville  English  311  678-872-8116  ljohnsto@highlands.edu 
Rick Bombard Marietta  English  230  678-872-8532  rbombard@highlands.edu 
Jacob Sullins Cartersville  English  N228  678-872-8532  jsullins@highlands.edu 
Meredith Ginn Marietta  Communication  229  678-872-8535  mginn@highlands.edu 
Russell Cook Paulding  Art  P109  678-946-1014  rcook@highlands.edu 
Alexandra MacMurdo Paulding  Communication  P109  678-946-1015   amacmurd@highlands.edu 
Michelle Abbott Paulding  English  P406  678-946-1017  mabbott@highlands.edu 
John Kwist Paulding  English  409  678-946-1033  jkwist@highlands.edu 
Cindy Wheeler Floyd  English  F-166  706-295-6307  cwheeler@highlands.edu 
Jessica Lindberg Cartersville  English  311A  706-346-9135  jlindber@highlands.edu 
Mark Greger Floyd  Foreign Language  F-161   706-368-7620  mgreger@highlands.edu 
Erica Simpson Floyd  Communication  F-132  706-368-7623  esimpson@highlands.edu 
Carla Patterson Floyd  English  F-162  706-368-7625  cpatters@highlands.edu 
Kristie Kemper Floyd  English  F-136  706-368-7626  kkemper@highlands.edu 
Kristie Kemper Floyd  Journalism  F-136  706-368-7626  kkemper@highlands.edu 
Frank Minor Floyd  English  F-169  706-368-7634  fminor@highlands.edu 
Samuel Baltzer Floyd  Music  F-137  706-368-7639  sbaltzer@highlands.edu 
Nancy Applegate Floyd  English  F-170  706-368-7702  napplega@highlands.edu 
Brian Barr Floyd  Art  L-124  706-802-5656  bbarr@highlands.edu