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Division of Health Sciences Faculty

Name / WebsiteCampusDisciplineOfficePhoneEmail
Barbara Cozby Heritage Hall  Nursing  HH111  706-295-6321  bcozby@highlands.edu 
Billie Robinson ASN Heritage Hall  Nursing    706-204-2238  brobinso@highlands.edu 
Connie Barbour Heritage Hall  Nursing    706-204-2245  cbarbour@highlands.edu 
Christine Hicks ASN Heritage Hall  Nursing  HH194  706-204-2244  chicks@highlands.edu 
Charlene Jablonski Heritage Hall  Nursing  HH 250  706-204-2290  cjablons@highlands.edu 
Debbie Amason Wellstar Development Center  Nursing    470-956-6392  damason@highlands.edu 
Dale Carroll ASN Heritage Hall  Nursing  HH180B  706-204-2233   dcarroll@highlands.edu 
Deidre Harp BSN Heritage Hall  Nursing  HH 250C  706-204-2296  dmarkham@highlands.edu 
Janet Alexander Admin Heritage Hall  Nursing  HH 250A  706-295-6326  jalexand@highlands.edu 
Kristin Baumann Heritage Hall  Dental    706-295-6760  kbaumann@highlands.edu 
LaDeitris Ferguson ASN Heritage Hall  Nursing    706-204-2239  lferguso@highlands.edu 
Lynn Herman ASN Heritage Hall  Nursing  hh180F  706-204-2237   lherman@highlands.edu 
Dr. Michelle Boyce Heritage Hall  Dental  208  706-204-2251  mboyce@highlands.edu 
Marjorie Frazier Heritage Hall  Nursing  HH181D  706-295-6321  mfrazier@highlands.edu 
Misty Smith ASN Heritage Hall  Nursing    706-204-2242  msmith@highlands.edu 
Patty Moran ASN Heritage Hall  Nursing    706-204-2257  pmoran@highlands.edu 
Paula Stover Heritage Hall  Nursing    706-204-2241  pstover@highlands.edu 
Patricia Vincent BSN Heritage Hall  Nursing  250B  706-802-5124  pvincent@highlands.edu 
Rebecca Maddox Admin Heritage Hall  Nursing  H-112  706-295-6321  rmaddox@highlands.edu 
Tera Phillips Heritage Hall  Dental    706-204-2249  tphillip@highlands.edu 

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