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SPRING 2016:  March 14 - 25

(If you attend an EBA session, you can register for fall 1 week early!)

  • Regular Fall Registration:  Opens April 11
  • Early (with EBA Note) Fall Registration:  Opens April 4

Fall 2016:  September 28 - October 16

Early Bird Advising

Early Bird Advising (EBA) happens fall and spring at each campus.

In addition to long-range planning, students can look at the upcoming term and make appropriate choices based on their needs. 

Ask about:

  • Your program requirements
  • Transfer options
  • How a change of major will affect your existing credits
  • Career options

IMPORTANT:  If you have holds, we strongly encourage you to see an advisor BEFORE registration begins--if you wait to see someone at registration, your waiting time may be longer than anticipated.

  • Make an appointment with a faculty advisor in your area of study.

  • For Faculty Advisors at each campus, look under Academic Divisions and your major (General Studies should meet with a faculty advisor under the Social Sciences):  http://www2.highlands.edu/site/academic-divisions

  • Use the new GHC eScheduler to make your appointment:  wass.highlands.edu

  • Remind your faculty advisor to use ScoreCard (see instructions on ScoreCard page) and put (and save!) in the Notes that you had an EBA appointment.

  • “EARLY” Registration opens a week before regular Fall Registration (April 4th with EBA note; April 11th without EBA note).

  • Click here for instructions on how to look up CLASSES.

  • Click here for instructions on how to REGISTER.

  • Questions?  Need Help?  See your professional advisor on your campus and/or email advising@highlands.edu

  • Click here to locate your professional advisors.

  • Click below to find faculty advisors at your campus:

  • Cartersville
  • Douglasville
  • Floyd
  • Marietta
  • Paulding
Page last updated: March 23, 2016